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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to How to Take a Risk the Right Way!

    • Introduction to 'How to Take a Risk the Right Way' with Clare Reed (video version)

    • Introduction to the course (reading version)

  • 2

    Identifying the Deepest Fear that is Holding you Back.

    • What is your deepest fear?

    • After using the fear discovery tool

    • Fear Discovery Tool

  • 3

    Banishing Fears

    • Banishing Fears from the Risk Taking Evaluation

    • Looking for the facts

    • Result of Banishing Fears

  • 4

    Evaluating the True Risk of a Decision

    • How to evaluate the true risk in an idea

    • Evaluation Tool no. 1.

    • Tool 2. Assessing your Weaknesses and Forming a 'Game Plan

    • The Weakness Assessment Tool

    • Tool 3. Using your Strengths to Overcome Threats

    • Threat Assessment Tool

    • Results of the Risk Evaluation

  • 5

    Risk Taking Recap and Conclusion

    • Course Recap and conclusion

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