How To Take a Risk

The Right Way | taught by Clare Reed
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Clare Reed
Clare Reed
CBT Therapist

About the instructor

I am Clare Reed and I am the principal therapist at CBT Dublin. I have been working with clients all over the world since I set up my practice in 2009 and am a specialist in self-esteem, anxiety and phobias. I get results for my clients using world famous CBT techniques and tools that enable my clients to walk away from therapy with a great tool kit that sets them up for life.

I enjoy helping my clients overcome fears and flourish, which is why I created this course. It will help you, just as it has helped hundreds of my clients, who have used these approaches to enable them to be and feel, more confident in their life.

I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful results you get from using this course.

Onwards and Upwards!


You can reach me at or email me at

Are you in a position where you are having to decide upon keeping the status quo, or take a risk? Are you needing to take risks in your personal life but you're too scared? 'How to Take Risks the Right Way' will help make the best decsion for you.

Course Contents

3 Videos
10 Texts
2 PDFs
1 Download
2.0 hrs